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What have I been upto this week! At Adrian Day Photography

Birthday week for me! It’s coming round to that time of year again ! Another year older for me and another year of being a photographer!

I’ve now been into photography twenty eight years! Wow how time has gone so fast!

I’ve not been a professional photographer all that time as I was still at school a good part of that and I took some time out before I come back to the art so now it’s been a little over 20 years picking up a camera !

Do you know what? There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t like photography! I honestly love what I do and enjoy everything about it! Even those times when I didn’t quite get the shot I was expecting! or that pose that just didn’t hit focus !

This week I’ve had a lot going on! Looking through where I have been and evaluating where I’m heading! What I’ve yet to accomplish and what I’ve already accomplished!

I’ve managed to get my work in places I didn’t think possibly on the streets of London and magazines that span the globe! I’ve also worked with amazing clients models and gained some fantastic friends along the way!

I’ve been lucky enough to use some great products cameras and locations that I’ve captured beautiful images I never thought I would create!

This lockdown has given me ideas and thoughts that have perplexed me! But also has shown me that even in the times we are working in! There is no reason we can’t keep an open mind and still be creative!

We are only held back by our imagination and today world doesn’t have to stop in the real world but the World Wide Web can open up endless possibilities!

So this week I’ve been busy !

  • Created and Etsy store.
  • Created a new dot com for Adrian Day photography.
  • Created a social media shop on my pages
  • Edited a number of images that I’ve revamped to today’s style.
  • took on E-learning ! (Yes I’ve been a photographer for 20 years but times change and it’s time to go with it!)
  • Also uploaded a number of images and links to Pinterest so people can see and maybe grow and get inspiration from my work!.

See now the view I have is that I’ve been waiting to long to do all the above and thinking that things will change!

Change only comes from doing something about what you want and need every single day! We can’t expect things to get better by doing the same thing every single day!

Okay guys and girls here are a few links for you to check out ! this is some of what I’ve been creating this week! Please if you like something show it some love ! Comment follow like it’s amazing to have your input and connecting with amazing people

Please let me know on here also if you like my posts so I know if I’m doing something right ! And hey it will be good to chat!

Jade on locations

Boudoir with kayleigh.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post! And keeps watching the how I got the shot post is running a little late but it’s coming ! Just want to get it right !

My go to portrait set up .. 85mm Sony 1.8 lens on a Sony a7 body.

I used to be a Nikon guy ! Until I first put my hand on a Sony camera in a local camera shop!

It’s amazing that as photographers be that as a hobby or a business. Gear is a big debate! What brand do you use? what body? and so on ! It’s the war between Nikon, canon or sony amongst a few others that seem to be the go to brands .

Now when I say I was a Nikon shooter I loved my camera it was the be all ! And nothing was going to change that! Well nothing soon changed to a maybe because the look of the Sony camera really captured my eye, I see images and others shooting with it and then I was in a local camera shop and was talking about Sony bodies that’s when it happened I got my hands on the first Sony Alpha 7.

That was that I was hooked! It wasn’t long before I had to buy it ! Though the Sony bodies or lenses are not cheap I soon found that the quality matched the price! We all have that idea of what we would pay for a product and this certainly was a little more than I was anticipating but after buying a few lenses I could see that the build quality and the image quality balanced the price and quality scales.

One lens that I got was an 85mm 1.8 now this lens Uk price was just under £600 the build quality is fantastic and I couldn’t wait to try it ! I’ve used other 85mm lenses on other bodies like the canon and Nikon and not been taken by the images.

This time I was keeping everything crossed I got a model and a location sorted out and Waited for the delivery!

Upon opening the box I was pretty happy with the lens it had a good weight behind it. Smooth focus ring. As always I can’t wait long to use new gear and was soon out with a beautiful model and location. The lens focuses pretty fast and mixed with the 24mp full frame body the images look great on the back of the camera!

I know sometimes looking at the back of a camera don’t always show the best of an image! So couldn’t wait to see what the images looked like on the laptop. Flicking through the images and zooming in to the eyes this set up was perfect the image had a crisp edge to the shots 80% looked in focus and the fall off of the images at 1.8 was stunning ! For the shots I took at this first shoot with this lens I shot a lot at f6.3 I’m sure you will agree these images below definitely look great!

I’ve used this on over 30 shoots since I got this lens and body and I’m never disappointed! It’s a great bit of kit and I would honestly recommend anyone thinking about changing to Sony to go to a shop and try this combination out! I’m pretty sure that you will soon agree with me that they are a great combination!

Before I finish if you shoot sony what lens is your go to ? I would love to hear!

Until next time remember – one life,one shot, capture it!

Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day

Pinterest blow up! 26k organic impressions

This month I thought I would try something different ! I wanted to step away from social media a little and see what’s happening elsewhere.

Well I’m always looking for inspiration on Pinterest and everyone’s always posting did you see this? did you see that? on Pinterest! So ! I started posting my work to my Pinterest account ! https://pin.it/LA2I4vz

I created a folder and named it simply my photography, and then started adding the work I had stored on my mobile device! Now it’s all pretty simple to do when you have the Pinterest app! Just click the + sign and add the image and any details such as title, info and a weblink if you have one!

Now if you’re used to facebook or Instagram the algorithm it kicking our butts with low views and paid content advertising. So I’ve been used to 100 ish impressions on an image. Now With this I’ve not paid to promote any image! Everything has been organic. The first few images didn’t do to much 20 impressions and as I was saying thought okay this is about normal.

Adrian Day Photography  Pinterest page
20 impressions only!

So I posted a few more images and they started going up 160 – 200

Adrian Day Photography Pinterest page
168 impressions! Going up!

Then come the first big impression jump and to me I was happy organic views of an image more than I’ve had on social media in years ! 556 impressions in the image below!

Boom 💥 over the 500 mark!

Some of you may be thinking this is normal now I’ve only seen big number showing up on image of nudes or news posts other get a good number due to following! Now my following is low! Pinterest 40 followers Instagram 1450 not big at all!

Well I was a little addicted by this stage I started adding images to build up my portfolio and possibly gain the same kind of impressions a few of them didn’t get many view but then others started growing! 600+ 800+

And then there it was I hit my first 1200 views on and image! I was bouncing off the walls ! Me, my work, a Photographer on a lonely mission to get known!

Boom 🤯 1.2k impressions

Now this was in my first week ! I’m only on week two now and my numbers on certain images are still low but then others are getting over the 1k but yesterday one image went ballistic! I posted an image just before leaving the house to go run some errands!

When I got back I was thinking about my image was it good enough it wasn’t someone I had posted shooting on there in that style before! Well it got the better of me and I picked up my phone and clicked the app! And there it was ! 6500 impressions! Over 6.5 k Of views this was shocking ! Happy understatement of the day! Mind blown head shock! Here is that image!

Adrian Day Photography  Pinterest
#mindblown 6.5K impressions

Well I’m definitely blown away with that now with Pinterest you can see the monthly stats on posting just to my photography pin board this month has so far racked me up 26K of impressions and 18K audience 18000 people seen my page that’s more than see my Instagram last year in just two weeks ! Let alone a month!

Below is my stats

Last 30 day Pinterest stats

So honestly if you’re trying to get your work seen by the masses the maybe social media like facebook or Instagram are not the way forward ! They’re a great medium and in fairness you could help the views by posting links to social pages too! Just to gain a little extra viewing! But my new best friend is definitely Pinterest!

It’s helped my website to grow, it’s helped my social pages grow as the links are there on the images and it’s boosted my interest from people want to have work done by me! All in all I think it’s a great place to grow and watch this space for the what the rest of this month brings if this is the start I look forward to seeing what can come from stepping away from the norm!

Give it a try yourself and let me know how you get on! Any free advertising is worth the two minutes it takes to set up and the 30 seconds to post!

Feel free to follow my Twitter Pinterest Instagram pages all can be found below or on our main page! Click the pictures to go to our pins page

Until next time ! One life one shot capture it!

Happy new year image sale

Been a little time in the making or should I say in the doing!

But to end 2019 I finally put the plan into action and started selling images from locations I’ve shot!

Having posted images to a number of sites and asked the question who would buy ? And got some great feed back I hope that this will be a worth while thing

I would really love to see what people think and would be super happy to know that people want my art on their walls.

If you’re interested in buying or checking out some of the images take a look at the link below

click on the image

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Autumn has kicked in! Photography has changed like the season

It seems that a lot of photographers have gone with the flow of the season!

Working with the beautiful colours that this time of year brings along with the dark nights and indoor shoots for a number of studio shoots !.

The last few weeks we have been gearing up for the busy time of year where all the parties start and portraits and portfolio start being the thing!

I got one love this time of year! I love the colours the cosy nights by the fire and closing those curtains early shutting out the windy weather and those days of rain!

But I also love shooting in this too! Will be getting to grips with a few shoots over The coming weeks leading up to Christmas and new year!

Having been a busy year shooting and working on projects I’m definitely looking forward to the coming months ahead

Below are just a few of our latest edits out the editing room comment below what’s your favourite image

Jack denim fashion

Sarah on location

Jade in the studio boudoir style shoot

Sarah studio boudoir shoot

Amber wedding location shoot

Alana studio shoot

Weekly themed blog posts starting soon!

As of Monday January 7th there will be set of weekly posts with a set theme

I’m working on ideas like model Monday… tech Thursday and set up Saturday

These post will be created so that there is a helpful idea to try each week to grow and learn the art of photography!

Such as with “model Monday” will create a post with ways to interact pose the model what to do, what not to do and what to look for!

Tech Thursday Will be to learn what each camera setting does, how it impacts the shots you take and what creative aspects each setting will create when used correctly! Or incorrectly

And set up Saturday will be a 52 week lighting set up showing what lights used how I set up the shot, what I looked for and why I did it! This series should help those who are learning to try and set up different shots and recreate something similar!

All the above is my take on photography and what I look for or how I see the setting it’s not how all photographers will see it as everything within photography is subjective but learning how others create something or work the camera or lighting is a step closer to finding what works for you!

So if the above is something that you will find interesting or if you know someone who would be interested in learning because they /you got a camera for Christmas or birthday then please follow or share the post

I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt and hope that you all will enjoy learning from what I post!

The above is only part of what’s going to be posted on this blog so keep watching and keep learning ! You to could be learning to take images like this one below!

Model Amber R shot on location with one flash and a reflector at golden hour!

Find more of my work at Our Instagram page give it a follow while you’re there!

One of my favourite shoots last year! Day 1 2019!

So we are a day into 2019 yes one whole day nearly gone!

But it’s looking good been in the editing room getting some of the shots sorted for this post!

Sorted some new lighting tests and loving the new statistic lights not only for video but for photography too!

So what do you think of these guys have to say I’m over the moon with this shoot! Loved working with Amber R she always pulls out all the stops and creates something beautiful and spectacular!

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Amber on a number of shoots over the last few years but these shots just blow me away!

Take a look at a few below!

I’m so happy with these images now like with most photographers we all have that one person we look up to our so called inspiration! Well I have to say this shoot was inspired by someone I look up to In a big way!

A guy called Jason Lanier his a Sony artisan and a Rotolight master of light! I’ve been following his work for about 5 years and this man is a legend!

Well I was looking at a few of his shots and wanted to get something that would stand out to his amazing standard ! And to me the shipwreck shots are getting there! We all need inspiration someone to look up to but never to copy create your own work !!

To see more images from this shoot go check out my Instagram page

Also feel free to comment like and follow my work it’s always great to hear from people !

More posts to come this week so keep and eye on this page !

It’s time to change from Nikon to Sony

Well it’s been a while since I posted I’ve been so busy the last 3 months working hard and learning as much as I can but finally that works paying off !

The problem is that the camera that I’ve been using has been limiting me and limiting what I can do as a pro photographer! At least a professional who will be taken seriously!

Well I’ve been looking at a number of camera bodies and seeing that companies like canon and Nikon are still falling way short of the quality for price that I could handle spending !

Now I know that mirrorless Cameras are not for everyone and maybe even the brand of camera! But after long debate and many restless nights I’ve gone and done it !

I’ve become a Sony shooter ! I’ve got my first Sony full frame body and taken the leap towards the mirrorless would of photography!

So here is the start of things to come as this year I have wedding to shoot headshots to take and many personal projects that need undertaking !

I will be posting a few images over the coming days and also will do a review of what this Sony is really like in hand but that will take a little time !

Also there will be some videos coming soon as to why I switched from Nikon to Sony and if I still agree with this change in the coming weeks

So please keep your eyes open for some of the posts coming and some of our new work too!

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well we have been mega busy and been creating content to go onto our new up and coming you tube page that starts november 1st !

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Making our Instagram stand out with grids or maybe not!

Over the last few months we have been doing Instagram testing ! Working with grid apps and seeing what it can do for us as a business, if it has any benefits or weaknesses to an Instagram account

Well it’s strange because it had some up side and some very strong down sides too!

For those of you who ask what are grids it’s using an app that breaks up a standard image into a number of smaller images 6 or 9 parts seem to be best but there are a number of others to use. You then post each image in sequence to Instagram to create a bigger picture. So it looks something like the image below on the page!

Model in image is Rhiannon

To be honest this looks fantastic on the page because you see a bigger image and it adds depth a character to your page,

As for stats well it works on getting more impressions to your page 9 times the amount of impressions in fact. Within the first week of testing we went from just 2000 impressions to 18.000 and the following week we hit our best of 30.000 this wasn’t our only benefit we started seeing a rise in followers too bonus I hear you say now this is one you would need to keep and eye on if you do like for likes or follow for follow !

We downloaded an app to see who is following and unfollowing you on Instagram

This is a benefit for anyone marketing on Instagram but when testing its needed 100%

This is where we found out that though people followed by the next day they would be gone so we couldn’t really count the following side of the grid marketing only really views and impressions

In short out post like went up too but also found that because there was multiple images to build up one full image the same person was liking all 9 so even though some full images got 300 likes divided down the average image was only 33

The impressions told a different story but again depended on a couple of factors repeated views of one or more image some images got 400 impressions some only got 100 but still meant that the grid was doing its job and getting images seen by more people even if there was multiple views from same person!

Now the view was a different thing again though the images got 400 impressions the same image would only get 50% of views around 200 still this was good for the page as was the impressions as both had gone up significantly for our page

All in all this was a great thing for our page and showed that grids work pretty well to get your page seen and a small following this was in the beginning

Now comes the but and this is a BIG BUT

Over the weeks we tested we found the out following dropped even those who followed us for months before started unfollowing we contacted a few and the reply was that they got annoyed with seeing parts of an image and not the full image and that because they was following it would block the news feeds with so many images they couldn’t see anyone else’s posts so they had to unfollow!

So in conclusion

The odd post including a grid maybe once a week to show a special image maybe a good thing. And yes it’s great for impressions

But in doing so you could loose you your following we gained nearly 500 follower in the time we run our test and dropped over 600 so we are over 100 down from

Where we started !

I’ve now resorted to the odd post and have started to archive the grid images because now I have to post a minimum of 3 images at a time because it puts out the grid images previously posts and make the page look very unprofessional and muddled!

I would suggest a simple clean page and post a number of images at set times of days would gain you a better following and impressions rate than doing grids

This is just what I have found and may not be the same for all but would say try it if you would like to but do so at own risk

Check out our page to see our work and grids before they all get archived

Adrian Day Photography