Business Cards created

what do you think of our new business cards … going for a clean looking card with simple details and showing one of our images on the front ,, rather than a picture of myself… doing this to give a potential client an idea of what we create..

would the image below stand out to you ?

biz card

Wedding collection davids bridal dress

We have been lucky the last week to get hold of a stunning dress from Davids Bridal, it’s a stunning out fit and looks amazing ! This dress is out standing when on a beautiful lady it just brings the dress alive!

Below are a few pictures so far from our bridal collection in this dress hope that you love the shots as much as we do!

Lady in the images is Rhiannon I think she looked a picture of beauty in this dress!

Let us know what you think !!

More of our work to come !!

Gel shoot and gel boudoir shoots

Check out our price list for our latest and greatest low price gel shoots ! If you’re looking for something a little different why not have a gel boudoir shoot! For that something special! Check out the images below for what the gel shoot looks like! And if you’re interested check out our price list and contact us !

Tonight’s been long and the day been longer! Life and Love of photography!

Today has been a mad one honestly it’s been non stop all day and I’ve been photo crazy all day!

I’ve found that I really do have a love for photography deep down in side me I can’t keep away from editing or even stay away from a camera !

Always thinking about the next light set up or the next style of shoot!

Well the last few hours have been spent sitting in front of a laptop editing (picture is of tonight’s work space) it’s all about working on the go to create the best you can for your client and any space can become your work area as long as it’s comfortable

And that I’ve got enough space for a Wacom a laptop and some internet music I’m good to roll 🙂

So question what’s your love of edit music so I can maybe add to my collection!

Until tomorrows togblog night all!


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Wedding shoot with Rhiannon

Well that was one busy Thursday with plenty going on!

We have been busy editing again today and we had a photo shoot with the lovely Rhiannon doing some wedding style images, we had a great time creating something a little different to what I’m used to doing in the studio but looking through the images think there are some great captures to be edited 🙂

nothing like working with a beautiful Lady in a wedding dress. honestly think Rhiannon looked amazing this evening .

Keep your eyes  out for more images from this shoot coming very soon!