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Making big changes to the website

Hey guys and girls
We have been adding many new pages, new products, and social media links to the website

After the mishap with the website the other day deleting everything and having to start the page
pretty much from scratch other than the blog posts .. Its given me a chance to really work on what
the website needs and really did need deleting.

If you have been following this blog for a while or maybe you have just come across this single post
you will no doubt have seen or will see if you get a chance. That this page has mostly been about what i do day to day with photoshoots and such.

with the new website comes bigger changes,

the new site has some great additions, we have a number of ways that you can buy products
learn photography and so much more..
check out a few pages below

We have also been creating while doing the new website a new Instagram page
for out Landscape photography work and some of the nature images
here you can see the work that will be coming for sale in weeks to come
check the new page out and see how thats going, and while youre there
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A few weeks ago I posted a video from the Maldon Fantasia finale firework display
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Adobe Lightroom mobile image editing, from a seascape shot I took a few weeks back! What do you all think of this ! Get it right in camera means less editing in post! #photography #seascape #landscape

Looking back at a few of the messages I received after doing boudoir shoots it’s great when you get messages like these! #customerreviews

Lockdowns coming to an end! Bookings for headshots, boudoir, and portraits, also new products coming in the Etsy store soon ! #photography #timex #productphotography

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There it was gone! As fast as the Essex serpent set was built it was gone! along with the stars of the drama Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes, but here is a few images before it went.

Wasn’t there long at all!

It’s like it was never there! Maldon town become the setting for the new six part drama ‘the Essex serpent’, staring Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes..

Last week a couple to big tents popped up, then a number of big trucks and what seemed like 100 set workers ! set to work to put together a Victorian setting with boats, ships and what looks like a Victorian dock. With all the trimmings..

I was keeping fingers crossed that filming would take longer than just a few days and that I would have the luck and pleasure of seeing the amazing cast a crew of the drama. But life got in the way ! And I couldn’t make it there to photograph Tom or Claire! In the midst of filming..

I was lucky to have got a number of set shots but the only time I could have got a shot of one of the stars the security guards got in the way so managed to get his nose haha! Not what I wanted !

Wish I could have managed to get some more chances .. would have been great to get some stars into the portfolio.. and give his fans something to look at!

Sadly I only managed to get set shots ! Like those you see above!

Just a week later I managed to get down to the quayside where filming was .. and there is was … gone! Not a dot of dust no lumps of coal or grains of salt! It was back to standard Maldon quayside!

As fast as it come, it was gone again!

Yet another lights down on filming and another film, filmed in Maldon .. .. it’s great that this little sea side town has been home to so many filming sets .. looking forward to the next one! Keep eyes open

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Fighting fit during lockdown! Keeping business going as usual

Let me start by saying I know why we are doing this (to save lives) and to help each other to keep going in the future! We need to look after each other!

Lockdown definitely is taking the life out of business

Everyone in the uk and across the would are finding it very hard to keep going

It’s a fight we live every day but so much more when in a lockdown situation. Government officials say that photographers are a non essential business! But documenting life and the situation we are all in I feel we are essential

There isn’t any reason that we can’t keep going we can shoot from a distance more than that of a school teacher or a shop worker!

We are creating works and we can do that on location out in the streets and out in the middle of nowhere and we can still keep everything safe yet still keep our family provided for! And also still put money into the big government fun pot!

It’s seems that yet again it’s going to be a few works of keeping the website up and working on the jobs that are needed in the background! Things like web design, learning new editing techniques, learning how to create BTS videos with the new products we have just had delivered!

You may not know it but being a photographer it’s not just about doing taking pictures ! There is a long list of things that need doing, to keep business going !

  1. Admin
  2. Editing
  3. Learning the latest technologies
  4. Advertising
  5. Keeping up with social media
  6. Replying to everyone and keeping visible to potential clients
  7. Meeting with clients
  8. Sending out products and prints
  9. Creating photo books
  10. Sending out images for publications
  11. And that’s just to start!

One of the latest posts up on Instagram, this one is a fun shot we did for model Stephanie

Check out Stephanie and jack on my page along with many others

This ones an edit of jacks shoot! We love working with new models and helping the get their first take of what it takes to be a model