Best types of lenses for portrait photography.

Portrait photography is the art of capturing a person’s likeness in a photograph. It is a popular form of photography that is used for a variety of purposes such as family photos, headshots, and engagement photos. To achieve the best results in portrait photography, it is important to use the right lens.

One of the best lenses for portrait photography is a telephoto lens. Telephoto lenses have a longer focal length, which allows you to capture a subject from a distance. This is particularly useful in situations where you are not able to get close to your subject. Telephoto lenses also have a shallower depth of field which helps to blur the background and make the subject stand out. This creates a more pleasing and natural-looking portrait.

Sony 50mm G lens

Another great lens for portrait photography is a prime lens. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length, which means that you can’t zoom in or out. However, they are known for their sharpness and clarity, which is especially important for capturing fine details in a person’s face. They also typically have a wider aperture, which allows for a shallower depth of field, making the subject stand out even more.

Low cost Sony 85mm lens

A third lens that is great for portrait photography is a medium telephoto lens. These lenses have a focal length of around 85mm to 135mm. They are great for capturing a more natural-looking portrait as they are able to capture a subject with a more natural perspective. They also have a shallower depth of field which helps to blur the background and make the subject stand out.

Sony 135mm G lens

In summary, the best lenses for portrait photography are telephoto, prime, and medium telephoto lenses. They are all great choices for capturing stunning portraits because of their ability to create a shallow depth of field and focus on the subject, while blurring the background. They can also capture the fine details of a person’s face, which is essential for creating a pleasing portrait

Such perfect props selected for the stage of essex serpent with Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes

On set of the Essex serpent! An Apple tv 6 part show staring Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston.. We watch as a seaside town takes on a Victorian setting based on the novel by Sarah Perry

We have always been pretty lucky here in this, small sea side town! In Essex,

Maldon has been part of a number of films with big names like Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, and BAFTA award winner Jude Law to name a couple!

Well it’s time to add a few more names to the list ! Apply tv is currently filming for a six part Victorian drama, based on the novel by Sarah Perry..

This drama will be staring male lead and avengers actor Tom Hiddleston and female lead Claire Danes who’s stared in homelands and Baz Luhrmanns, Romeo and Juliet

The film / set building crew landed on the quayside of Maldon and set to work transforming it into something extra amazing! It’s like a step back in time! Victorian time ! So many props and they really do set the scene..

It’s taken them under a week to make this quayside into the perfect Victorian set! The team building this set honestly are amazing, they all seem to know who, what and where they need to be moving around the set placing props and build up a visual story with out even having the actors /actresses on set.

It’s amazing ! And it’s right on our doorstep!

So today I was lucky enough to get on set and get some images ! While also getting to see a preview what’s to come! This also documents some of what will become a part of Maldon’s history.. as photographers this should always be a big part of what we do! We need to take images of what’s happening around us, not just our chosen style of photography..

We need to document the world, to show those who follow us in years to come our history! Like many have before us!

I’ve never been on film set before, even though I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few great actors and actresses over the years! And I’ve always had a thing for film/ stage, ever since I was part of the school stage team! Creating lighting and sets for the big school productions !

So this was a buzz for me! It’s not every day we get to do something like this!

So who’s ready to see a few images?

I’m really happy to have got these ! And I’m super proud of them ! I hope that these tell a little bit of the story and as it’s said in Romeo and Juliet.. here we set the scene !

Please let me know what you think! It’s always amazing chatting to people and hope that you like these images !

Can’t wait to see what they do with this set and where the story line fits into the film.

Christmas is coming let’s up our game – new images and December deals

Beautiful images of Alice, and though Christmas is coming. We are not slowing down on our work flow!

In fact we are currently taking more booking per day than we have before!

As you can tell these image speak for themselves! Soft beautiful and constant! We love our style and many other do too!

Sometimes a personal gift for the Christmas season is perfect for a family member like our mums and dads who want that latest photo of their beautiful daughter or dapper son!

Big deals now live for the Christmas season!

New times make for new ways to run a Photography business

‘Lockdown’ we have all be hit in some way shape or form, by this hard hitting restriction.

Businesses, life in general has had to change! And we have been left with no other choice, but to change with the times.

Since this all started and the world was hit with lockdown, the photography industry has really taken a hit. Not being able to get your subject infront of the camera

Weather it’s a simple portrait or a wedding we can’t be in close proximity, though we have found ways to still do some forms of photography. The way it’s been done has be much more virtual than we would like.

I’ve personally found it so hard not being able to get clients in front of me. It’s hot my business very hard and not just that hit my creative side too!

I have been pretty lucky that I’ve had enough back stock of images to keep me socially active (social media busy)

Just as we have started to get back to business it’s looking like there will be further restrictions to business! And this will most definitely include photographers.

As photographers we we have to change with the times. Every day can be different and that’s with out the world being on lockdown. Times are hard for everyone. And we are all facing life changing actions.

In my next post I will be posting 5 tips to keeping a little business flowing in while we are unable to shoot! And to help keep our creative side going .

Please join me on my covid-19 lockdown journey ! By following my social media pages and this blog ! There will be a vlog coming soon too! Let’s all help each other in these dark business times!

I’ve added a few of the latest images to grace the social pages and the editing room below!

I really hope that I see a little of my following commenting and liking what I post! I always try to do the same in return.

Also listed here are the links to Instagram 1 Instagram 2 and Facebook pages.

I wish you all the very best of health and hope that you manage to keep going if you’re running a business. As I say images below! Show them some love! By clicking on the images to see the social posts.

Model jack Howe – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Vineta L – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Amber Reed – Photographer Adrian Day

Is Instagram dead? – has it lost the plot and put its self in quarantine!

I’ve been using Instagram for years… pretty much from day one…

It’s was great watching all the people posting amazing images and showing of what they was doing in a way that no other site had been doing.

Images got likes and each person had its real following in its own style, niche..

Everyone had a voice, everyone could be just who they wanted to be. okay there was a few restrictions and Instagram kept an eye on the naughty side.

As the years have gone on it’s become restrictive in ways that we don’t realise. We only don’t realise this because Instagram has taken it up-on it’s self to use it’s algorithm to put pay to getting seen in any way shape or form unless instagram feels you deserve it. or that you tick ever box it want you to.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking into where and what’s best to get yourself and images seen and noticed. Paid or free.

It’s looking like social media is now making it more like antisocial media! It’s killing its self off by doing all it can to so called be the best! Why if a site calls its self social would you stop people for doing exactly that.

I’ve tried everything to get a following used a number of different pages even posted images that have on other sites got tens of thousands of views and like yet on social media got just under 100 views and maybe 30 likes.

This to me isn’t worth my investment at all. I’ve paid for and done free posts and got nothing in return.

To me it’s seems that a number of people are coming away from the platforms and putting the money into their own websites and posting the work right to the bourses mouth! And getting so much more ! For way less.

A few weeks back I posted to Pinterest! From my website now my website is a free WordPress and my Pinterest is free.

In one seven day period I had over 60k of views and a large number of saves and like. And my views and comments to my website went from 10 to 100 per day!

It’s honestly a no brainier when you’re getting something for free and the numbers are showing for them self what’s happening . It’s only time before everyone goes it alone and walks away from so called social media !

This is just my opinion but try it your self and if you don’t see a difference let me know.

I’m sure in a day of media being a sales point that we need to find our best format or medium to get ourselves out there! It’s only smart business that we look out for ourself and our really followers and clients

Question is do you think it’s dead? What have you found that works for you? I’m always open to suggestions !

Black and white photography covid lockdown edits with jack

Here are a few images from the back stock of a shoot with Male model Jack

Do like shooting males and editing the images in black and white it gives a depth to the images unseen by colour images!

If you like what you see please show these images a little love!

Model: Jack
Photographer: Adrian Day
Model: Jack
Photographer: Adrian
Model: Jack
Photographer: Adrian

Three ways to Create that perfect crop

When I first started photography I didn’t realise how to crop a photo to get a better looking shot.

Now when I say crop this can be done in two ways

First and best is to crop in camera ! To crop in camera simply means using the full field of view of the sensor/lens. This will give you the best quality image and use all the megapixels to best advantage.

Second way is to crop in post. This isn’t a good as the first option, as it lowers the resolution of the image by taking away vital megapixels

But when you’re learning it’s one of the first ways to find what looks best! As sometimes you don’t see the full picture until you get into post. Where you then see that ‘ oh that looks better’ moment!

A few simple rules when cropping are not to cut limbs off such as fingers and such like!

Now this post isn’t going to be about the full depth of cropping! It’s just going to be a simple idea that cropping a body in the right place !

Below are three images to give you a better idea!

3/4 crop image
Cutting the legs of here give a much more pleasing look than cropping lower towards the knees you could crop a little lower but be very carful not to go to low!
1/2 Crop – this is a stunning crop for boudoir style shoots and for fashion too. Though with this shot the rule of not cropping limbs is used selectively but done to a point where it’s still pleasing to the eye.
This 1/4 crop is used more for portrait and beauty
Cropping here give a much closer shot of the subject and when shot like this in camera give plenty of detail to work with !
It almost makes the subject lifelike and in the same room!

The above is just a little of whats needed to create a more pleasing image! Over the coming weeks I will post a more in-depth post for what to look for and how to capture the images in camera

Until next time please feel free to try this and tag me on Instagram to show me how you got on! @adriandayphotography and please feel free to like and comment! Too

Pinterest blow up! 26k organic impressions

This month I thought I would try something different ! I wanted to step away from social media a little and see what’s happening elsewhere.

Well I’m always looking for inspiration on Pinterest and everyone’s always posting did you see this? did you see that? on Pinterest! So ! I started posting my work to my Pinterest account !

I created a folder and named it simply my photography, and then started adding the work I had stored on my mobile device! Now it’s all pretty simple to do when you have the Pinterest app! Just click the + sign and add the image and any details such as title, info and a weblink if you have one!

Now if you’re used to facebook or Instagram the algorithm it kicking our butts with low views and paid content advertising. So I’ve been used to 100 ish impressions on an image. Now With this I’ve not paid to promote any image! Everything has been organic. The first few images didn’t do to much 20 impressions and as I was saying thought okay this is about normal.

Adrian Day Photography  Pinterest page
20 impressions only!

So I posted a few more images and they started going up 160 – 200

Adrian Day Photography Pinterest page
168 impressions! Going up!

Then come the first big impression jump and to me I was happy organic views of an image more than I’ve had on social media in years ! 556 impressions in the image below!

Boom 💥 over the 500 mark!

Some of you may be thinking this is normal now I’ve only seen big number showing up on image of nudes or news posts other get a good number due to following! Now my following is low! Pinterest 40 followers Instagram 1450 not big at all!

Well I was a little addicted by this stage I started adding images to build up my portfolio and possibly gain the same kind of impressions a few of them didn’t get many view but then others started growing! 600+ 800+

And then there it was I hit my first 1200 views on and image! I was bouncing off the walls ! Me, my work, a Photographer on a lonely mission to get known!

Boom 🤯 1.2k impressions

Now this was in my first week ! I’m only on week two now and my numbers on certain images are still low but then others are getting over the 1k but yesterday one image went ballistic! I posted an image just before leaving the house to go run some errands!

When I got back I was thinking about my image was it good enough it wasn’t someone I had posted shooting on there in that style before! Well it got the better of me and I picked up my phone and clicked the app! And there it was ! 6500 impressions! Over 6.5 k Of views this was shocking ! Happy understatement of the day! Mind blown head shock! Here is that image!

Adrian Day Photography  Pinterest
#mindblown 6.5K impressions

Well I’m definitely blown away with that now with Pinterest you can see the monthly stats on posting just to my photography pin board this month has so far racked me up 26K of impressions and 18K audience 18000 people seen my page that’s more than see my Instagram last year in just two weeks ! Let alone a month!

Below is my stats

Last 30 day Pinterest stats

So honestly if you’re trying to get your work seen by the masses the maybe social media like facebook or Instagram are not the way forward ! They’re a great medium and in fairness you could help the views by posting links to social pages too! Just to gain a little extra viewing! But my new best friend is definitely Pinterest!

It’s helped my website to grow, it’s helped my social pages grow as the links are there on the images and it’s boosted my interest from people want to have work done by me! All in all I think it’s a great place to grow and watch this space for the what the rest of this month brings if this is the start I look forward to seeing what can come from stepping away from the norm!

Give it a try yourself and let me know how you get on! Any free advertising is worth the two minutes it takes to set up and the 30 seconds to post!

Feel free to follow my Twitter Pinterest Instagram pages all can be found below or on our main page! Click the pictures to go to our pins page

Until next time ! One life one shot capture it!

Our New look website !

Again it’s long over due!

Finally managed to get some time out to edit the website, and change up its look.

I’ve been super busy the last few months and what with Christmas and shooting/editing it’s been thought getting any time to update this page.

But it’s finally happening! Yes, I’ve got a little time to get online and make those very much needed changes! Clean up and give my brand, the look it deserves.

Head over to our landing page and give us a comment or two! Let me know what you think!

It’s got a few more changes to come but it’s looking great in my opinion! Be that on mobile device or laptop, it’s clean and simple.