Three ways to Create that perfect crop

When I first started photography I didn’t realise how to crop a photo to get a better looking shot.

Now when I say crop this can be done in two ways

First and best is to crop in camera ! To crop in camera simply means using the full field of view of the sensor/lens. This will give you the best quality image and use all the megapixels to best advantage.

Second way is to crop in post. This isn’t a good as the first option, as it lowers the resolution of the image by taking away vital megapixels

But when you’re learning it’s one of the first ways to find what looks best! As sometimes you don’t see the full picture until you get into post. Where you then see that ‘ oh that looks better’ moment!

A few simple rules when cropping are not to cut limbs off such as fingers and such like!

Now this post isn’t going to be about the full depth of cropping! It’s just going to be a simple idea that cropping a body in the right place !

Below are three images to give you a better idea!

3/4 crop image
Cutting the legs of here give a much more pleasing look than cropping lower towards the knees you could crop a little lower but be very carful not to go to low!
1/2 Crop – this is a stunning crop for boudoir style shoots and for fashion too. Though with this shot the rule of not cropping limbs is used selectively but done to a point where it’s still pleasing to the eye.
This 1/4 crop is used more for portrait and beauty
Cropping here give a much closer shot of the subject and when shot like this in camera give plenty of detail to work with !
It almost makes the subject lifelike and in the same room!

The above is just a little of whats needed to create a more pleasing image! Over the coming weeks I will post a more in-depth post for what to look for and how to capture the images in camera

Until next time please feel free to try this and tag me on Instagram to show me how you got on! @adriandayphotography and please feel free to like and comment! Too

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