New times make for new ways to run a Photography business

‘Lockdown’ we have all be hit in some way shape or form, by this hard hitting restriction.

Businesses, life in general has had to change! And we have been left with no other choice, but to change with the times.

Since this all started and the world was hit with lockdown, the photography industry has really taken a hit. Not being able to get your subject infront of the camera

Weather it’s a simple portrait or a wedding we can’t be in close proximity, though we have found ways to still do some forms of photography. The way it’s been done has be much more virtual than we would like.

I’ve personally found it so hard not being able to get clients in front of me. It’s hot my business very hard and not just that hit my creative side too!

I have been pretty lucky that I’ve had enough back stock of images to keep me socially active (social media busy)

Just as we have started to get back to business it’s looking like there will be further restrictions to business! And this will most definitely include photographers.

As photographers we we have to change with the times. Every day can be different and that’s with out the world being on lockdown. Times are hard for everyone. And we are all facing life changing actions.

In my next post I will be posting 5 tips to keeping a little business flowing in while we are unable to shoot! And to help keep our creative side going .

Please join me on my covid-19 lockdown journey ! By following my social media pages and this blog ! There will be a vlog coming soon too! Let’s all help each other in these dark business times!

I’ve added a few of the latest images to grace the social pages and the editing room below!

I really hope that I see a little of my following commenting and liking what I post! I always try to do the same in return.

Also listed here are the links to Instagram 1 Instagram 2 and Facebook pages.

I wish you all the very best of health and hope that you manage to keep going if you’re running a business. As I say images below! Show them some love! By clicking on the images to see the social posts.

Model jack Howe – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Vineta L – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Amber Reed – Photographer Adrian Day

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