Five tips for photographers during a pandemic

During this lockdown we have all had a hard time, be that as it may, many of us have had some free time, more than we would like and less money coming in.

I thought it a good idea to help out with ‘five tips’ I’ve been using the last few months to make a little extra income while not being able to shoot like I normally would! and to take up some of that free time I suddenly now have.

Tip 1 look at your back stock and edit to use for promotional material on social media. This keeps people seeing your work and keeps your pages active even though your restricted from shooting.

Tip 2 contact magazines to see if there is interest in your work! Send in submission using your back stock or new edits from tip 1

Tip 3 if you shoot landscapes, automotive or nature sign up to stock sites and upload them, this can create a great source of income.

Tip 4 maybe it’s time for you to put your money where your mouth is ! This part is speculate to accumulate, pick some of your best works and get some prints done. To frame and sell! This is a way you can make some extra money while not being able to actually shoot !
There are also some great sites that you can upload images to sell but remember they take commission

Tip 5 we all have that extra gear laying around that we no longer use. Maybe it’s time that you traded in! Maybe for cash to help with day to day earning or even to trade up on the lens or product you’re after!
Having a little time on your hands gives you plenty of opportunities to go through everything you no longer use.

Below is a list of a couple of helpful places you can go to online

Shutter stock image stock website

12 best magazines that take image submissions

Sell your unused gear with wex

I am not affiliated with any of the above links it’s just a couple of companies I have used and been happy with the service. There are many others out there!

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