Autumn has kicked in! Photography has changed like the season

It seems that a lot of photographers have gone with the flow of the season!

Working with the beautiful colours that this time of year brings along with the dark nights and indoor shoots for a number of studio shoots !.

The last few weeks we have been gearing up for the busy time of year where all the parties start and portraits and portfolio start being the thing!

I got one love this time of year! I love the colours the cosy nights by the fire and closing those curtains early shutting out the windy weather and those days of rain!

But I also love shooting in this too! Will be getting to grips with a few shoots over The coming weeks leading up to Christmas and new year!

Having been a busy year shooting and working on projects I’m definitely looking forward to the coming months ahead

Below are just a few of our latest edits out the editing room comment below what’s your favourite image

Jack denim fashion
Sarah on location
Jade in the studio boudoir style shoot
Sarah studio boudoir shoot
Amber wedding location shoot
Alana studio shoot

Updates on Adrian Day Photography

When life and business gets out of hand and you have so much to do there is very little time to get online to update everyone what we have been doing and what special offers we are currently running!

A little update while I have a few minutes.

Firstly we are running some new deals starting October 1st that will be up and running just for 14 days but I’m sure that people will love the deals and definitely will be something not to miss !

Another deal will be the “early booking deal” Book now for next month (November) and will give you double the digital images so that you can have more images to keep or use for Christmas gifts

More info coming soon or you can email us to ask for latest deals


And to finish we have been shooting a lot of private client work lately, so we can’t post them up on our social pages or even our website

but we have some images from the last months editing room!

Alana shoot! One of our five in one day clients

Having done our 5 shoots in one day

It was a pleasure working with Alana on a new shoot! She is definitely fun to work with and we managed to get some lovely images in our short shoot slot!

Normally we set aside a 3 hour window so that we get a number of outfits and a lot of poses in each outfit!

This shoot was a shorter shoot time of two hours so it tested us a little !

Taking into account that we had five shoots booked in so ten hours of booked shoot time and then getting ready for the next client it was a fast think on your feet day!

With Each client changing around 5 times some did more! But having lighting set up and keeping a constant flow of ideas is what made this happen !

With most shoots we plan out what’s going to happen so we know we get the shots! This shoot was a little more think on our feet ! Short notice new lighting small space!

But I think we managed it!

What do you all think here are a few of the images from the shoot definitely a mix of lovely images

Let us know what you think always welcome a comment !

Can a portrait and boudoir photographer turn his hand to automotive photography

I’ve been thinking the last few months where the money could be in this art of photography!

Some may say family portraits, weddings and baby photography.

I’ve looked at things the last few weeks and have seen that there are very few automotive photographers based in the UK and there is definitely a call for people wanting pictures of their pride and joy!

Not only the small business shoots in automotive but then there is the big fish working for companies shooting cars for sale or hire

Maybe even working for the main stream car companies like Ford or Mercedes who need images !

The hard part is can anyone who does photography have the ability to create pleasing automotive images that would make a client happy !

As people may know, I’m normally a portrait and boudoir photographer.. but at the weekend I set myself a small goal and took on the chance of shooting a car show !

I got some pretty good shots I think and managed to capture the beauty of a Ford Focus RS which was a beautiful car that truly captured my eye!

I think this could be something I may have to add to my list of potential shoots … With a little training I’m sure that I can get this down and give clients more than the quality work they are looking for at a great price !

Take a look at these images below and let me know what you think!

Five shoots 30 clothing changes one day

Well was a fun day Monday ! Managed to get 5 shoots booked in on one day! Sadly I can’t post images from all only two wanted images shared!

But I will be posting some of the work from the two that said share away!

Love busy days in this business! And most of all the happy clients! And that “love” word

The below image is from the shoot with female model Alana! We managed to get some great shots in the studio ! And I think one pretty happy client !

And then there was the shoot with up and coming new model jack,

we did a few shots in the studio, but went out on location to get some relaxed candid images and captured this one among many great images.

Keep watching this space for more images

Thank you to Alana and Jack for working with me!

Dropping more shots, Jack Howe up and coming model

Been getting to grips with editing some of the images from my photo shoot with up and coming model Jack Howe.

Honestly guys n girls if you’re looking for a great male model this guy is fun to work with.

Jack Takes his modelling serious and will pose until you get the money shot ! I can’t wait to work with him again in a weeks time!

Look out for even more images coming up over the next few weeks but here are just a few to keep you all going!

Please let me know what you think! It’s much appreciated

More changes now happening on this site!

Been working hard this year!

Keeping everything going and not had the time to really update the site!

Well the last 24 hours I’ve been working on a new layout and style! More changes will be coming but this is the start of what’s to come!

Next will be updating the portfolio!

Time to show you all what I’ve been creating for clients and models

Also some personal projects in there too.

I’m sure you will like it when you see it!

So if you can and want to please follow along and keep an eye out for the next set of images

Weekly themed blog posts starting soon!

As of Monday January 7th there will be set of weekly posts with a set theme

I’m working on ideas like model Monday… tech Thursday and set up Saturday

These post will be created so that there is a helpful idea to try each week to grow and learn the art of photography!

Such as with “model Monday” will create a post with ways to interact pose the model what to do, what not to do and what to look for!

Tech Thursday Will be to learn what each camera setting does, how it impacts the shots you take and what creative aspects each setting will create when used correctly! Or incorrectly

And set up Saturday will be a 52 week lighting set up showing what lights used how I set up the shot, what I looked for and why I did it! This series should help those who are learning to try and set up different shots and recreate something similar!

All the above is my take on photography and what I look for or how I see the setting it’s not how all photographers will see it as everything within photography is subjective but learning how others create something or work the camera or lighting is a step closer to finding what works for you!

So if the above is something that you will find interesting or if you know someone who would be interested in learning because they /you got a camera for Christmas or birthday then please follow or share the post

I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt and hope that you all will enjoy learning from what I post!

The above is only part of what’s going to be posted on this blog so keep watching and keep learning ! You to could be learning to take images like this one below!

Model Amber R shot on location with one flash and a reflector at golden hour!

Find more of my work at Our Instagram page give it a follow while you’re there!

Jack H Male Photo Shoot

2019 is coming only just a few hours to go!

But before it’s over I want to share a post from a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago with a male model Jack H

Now most of you would know I seldom shoot with males but that’s going to change in 2019!

It’s time more males become models

Okay ladies can shoot way more styles but males are definitely photogenic and we can definitely show the masculine or physique of the male gender!

A number of styles suit males as well as females from head shots to fashion mixed in with product marketing or sports and fitness !

New year will be showing signs of change and we as creatives have to embrace change! And dig even deeper to create something artistic yet eye catching!

So watch this space over the coming months as we will be showcasing some of what we create!

Here are a few of the images that we took with this very photogenic Male! Was a great shoot and I look forward to working with Jack again in 2019!

Let us know what you think!

To see more images of what I can do

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