Jack H Male Photo Shoot

2019 is coming only just a few hours to go!

But before it’s over I want to share a post from a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago with a male model Jack H

Now most of you would know I seldom shoot with males but that’s going to change in 2019!

It’s time more males become models

Okay ladies can shoot way more styles but males are definitely photogenic and we can definitely show the masculine or physique of the male gender!

A number of styles suit males as well as females from head shots to fashion mixed in with product marketing or sports and fitness !

New year will be showing signs of change and we as creatives have to embrace change! And dig even deeper to create something artistic yet eye catching!

So watch this space over the coming months as we will be showcasing some of what we create!

Here are a few of the images that we took with this very photogenic Male! Was a great shoot and I look forward to working with Jack again in 2019!

Let us know what you think!

To see more images of what I can do

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One thought on “Jack H Male Photo Shoot

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