Alana shoot! One of our five in one day clients

Having done our 5 shoots in one day

It was a pleasure working with Alana on a new shoot! She is definitely fun to work with and we managed to get some lovely images in our short shoot slot!

Normally we set aside a 3 hour window so that we get a number of outfits and a lot of poses in each outfit!

This shoot was a shorter shoot time of two hours so it tested us a little !

Taking into account that we had five shoots booked in so ten hours of booked shoot time and then getting ready for the next client it was a fast think on your feet day!

With Each client changing around 5 times some did more! But having lighting set up and keeping a constant flow of ideas is what made this happen !

With most shoots we plan out what’s going to happen so we know we get the shots! This shoot was a little more think on our feet ! Short notice new lighting small space!

But I think we managed it!

What do you all think here are a few of the images from the shoot definitely a mix of lovely images

Let us know what you think always welcome a comment !

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