Weekly themed blog posts starting soon!

As of Monday January 7th there will be set of weekly posts with a set theme

I’m working on ideas like model Monday… tech Thursday and set up Saturday

These post will be created so that there is a helpful idea to try each week to grow and learn the art of photography!

Such as with “model Monday” will create a post with ways to interact pose the model what to do, what not to do and what to look for!

Tech Thursday Will be to learn what each camera setting does, how it impacts the shots you take and what creative aspects each setting will create when used correctly! Or incorrectly

And set up Saturday will be a 52 week lighting set up showing what lights used how I set up the shot, what I looked for and why I did it! This series should help those who are learning to try and set up different shots and recreate something similar!

All the above is my take on photography and what I look for or how I see the setting it’s not how all photographers will see it as everything within photography is subjective but learning how others create something or work the camera or lighting is a step closer to finding what works for you!

So if the above is something that you will find interesting or if you know someone who would be interested in learning because they /you got a camera for Christmas or birthday then please follow or share the post

I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt and hope that you all will enjoy learning from what I post!

The above is only part of what’s going to be posted on this blog so keep watching and keep learning ! You to could be learning to take images like this one below!

Model Amber R shot on location with one flash and a reflector at golden hour!

Find more of my work at Our Instagram page give it a follow while you’re there!

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