One of my favourite shoots last year! Day 1 2019!

So we are a day into 2019 yes one whole day nearly gone!

But it’s looking good been in the editing room getting some of the shots sorted for this post!

Sorted some new lighting tests and loving the new statistic lights not only for video but for photography too!

So what do you think of these guys have to say I’m over the moon with this shoot! Loved working with Amber R she always pulls out all the stops and creates something beautiful and spectacular!

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Amber on a number of shoots over the last few years but these shots just blow me away!

Take a look at a few below!

I’m so happy with these images now like with most photographers we all have that one person we look up to our so called inspiration! Well I have to say this shoot was inspired by someone I look up to In a big way!

A guy called Jason Lanier his a Sony artisan and a Rotolight master of light! I’ve been following his work for about 5 years and this man is a legend!

Well I was looking at a few of his shots and wanted to get something that would stand out to his amazing standard ! And to me the shipwreck shots are getting there! We all need inspiration someone to look up to but never to copy create your own work !!

To see more images from this shoot go check out my Instagram page

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More posts to come this week so keep and eye on this page !

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