It’s time to change from Nikon to Sony

Well it’s been a while since I posted I’ve been so busy the last 3 months working hard and learning as much as I can but finally that works paying off !

The problem is that the camera that I’ve been using has been limiting me and limiting what I can do as a pro photographer! At least a professional who will be taken seriously!

Well I’ve been looking at a number of camera bodies and seeing that companies like canon and Nikon are still falling way short of the quality for price that I could handle spending !

Now I know that mirrorless Cameras are not for everyone and maybe even the brand of camera! But after long debate and many restless nights I’ve gone and done it !

I’ve become a Sony shooter ! I’ve got my first Sony full frame body and taken the leap towards the mirrorless would of photography!

So here is the start of things to come as this year I have wedding to shoot headshots to take and many personal projects that need undertaking !

I will be posting a few images over the coming days and also will do a review of what this Sony is really like in hand but that will take a little time !

Also there will be some videos coming soon as to why I switched from Nikon to Sony and if I still agree with this change in the coming weeks

So please keep your eyes open for some of the posts coming and some of our new work too!

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