My go to portrait set up .. 85mm Sony 1.8 lens on a Sony a7 body.

I used to be a Nikon guy ! Until I first put my hand on a Sony camera in a local camera shop!

It’s amazing that as photographers be that as a hobby or a business. Gear is a big debate! What brand do you use? what body? and so on ! It’s the war between Nikon, canon or sony amongst a few others that seem to be the go to brands .

Now when I say I was a Nikon shooter I loved my camera it was the be all ! And nothing was going to change that! Well nothing soon changed to a maybe because the look of the Sony camera really captured my eye, I see images and others shooting with it and then I was in a local camera shop and was talking about Sony bodies that’s when it happened I got my hands on the first Sony Alpha 7.

That was that I was hooked! It wasn’t long before I had to buy it ! Though the Sony bodies or lenses are not cheap I soon found that the quality matched the price! We all have that idea of what we would pay for a product and this certainly was a little more than I was anticipating but after buying a few lenses I could see that the build quality and the image quality balanced the price and quality scales.

One lens that I got was an 85mm 1.8 now this lens Uk price was just under £600 the build quality is fantastic and I couldn’t wait to try it ! I’ve used other 85mm lenses on other bodies like the canon and Nikon and not been taken by the images.

This time I was keeping everything crossed I got a model and a location sorted out and Waited for the delivery!

Upon opening the box I was pretty happy with the lens it had a good weight behind it. Smooth focus ring. As always I can’t wait long to use new gear and was soon out with a beautiful model and location. The lens focuses pretty fast and mixed with the 24mp full frame body the images look great on the back of the camera!

I know sometimes looking at the back of a camera don’t always show the best of an image! So couldn’t wait to see what the images looked like on the laptop. Flicking through the images and zooming in to the eyes this set up was perfect the image had a crisp edge to the shots 80% looked in focus and the fall off of the images at 1.8 was stunning ! For the shots I took at this first shoot with this lens I shot a lot at f6.3 I’m sure you will agree these images below definitely look great!

I’ve used this on over 30 shoots since I got this lens and body and I’m never disappointed! It’s a great bit of kit and I would honestly recommend anyone thinking about changing to Sony to go to a shop and try this combination out! I’m pretty sure that you will soon agree with me that they are a great combination!

Before I finish if you shoot sony what lens is your go to ? I would love to hear!

Until next time remember – one life,one shot, capture it!

Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day

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