New Instagram growing slower due to new algorithms

New Instagram up and running!

It’s only just starting to get seen, it’s definitely taking it’s time picking up! I guess it’s not the best time in the world starting a new page, what with the new algorithm that’s just been rolled out by Instagram!

It’s looking like images are getting fewer likes and views than when I first started my other page! If it’s wasn’t hard enough in the first place with all the millions of people posting. Now there is a wall we have to climb just to be able to wave at people let alone get seen through the fog of hashtags and selfies

We all need to work harder to get our accounts out there and I see few people these days following others they all seem to be looking for others to follow them. But not always prepared to follow for follow. Or like for like.

One thing I pride myself on is the fact that I’ve always followed my following back and I always try to like for like.

If you’re feeling kind and you’re obviously reading this post! Pop over to my new page and give it a follow and some love then watch for the likes and follow in return! My word means more to me than anyone would know. I always keep to it it’s not only in business but in every day life.

Below are a few images from what I’ve posted so far on my new page. Click on the images to be taken to the actual Instagram post to like

Model Vineta – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Alana – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Alana – Photographer Adrian Day

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