Happy new year image sale

Been a little time in the making or should I say in the doing!

But to end 2019 I finally put the plan into action and started selling images from locations I’ve shot!

Having posted images to a number of sites and asked the question who would buy ? And got some great feed back I hope that this will be a worth while thing

I would really love to see what people think and would be super happy to know that people want my art on their walls.

If you’re interested in buying or checking out some of the images take a look at the link below

click on the image

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

Posting new video content up on YouTube!

This week we have been learning to create some ver basic video content for out YouTube channel!

We have some way to go to perfect it but content is now starting to pop up! A few new videos have gone live this week

And we have a new one coming out in 24 hours time where I edit an image using lightroom mobile to create the image you will see below !

So head over to our channel and give it a follow, would be great to have you come along as we start out on our adventure it would be great to have some likes and shares so on! And hope that you will stick with me as I learn and build my channel!


Autumn has kicked in! Photography has changed like the season

It seems that a lot of photographers have gone with the flow of the season!

Working with the beautiful colours that this time of year brings along with the dark nights and indoor shoots for a number of studio shoots !.

The last few weeks we have been gearing up for the busy time of year where all the parties start and portraits and portfolio start being the thing!

I got one love this time of year! I love the colours the cosy nights by the fire and closing those curtains early shutting out the windy weather and those days of rain!

But I also love shooting in this too! Will be getting to grips with a few shoots over The coming weeks leading up to Christmas and new year!

Having been a busy year shooting and working on projects I’m definitely looking forward to the coming months ahead

Below are just a few of our latest edits out the editing room comment below what’s your favourite image

Jack denim fashion
Sarah on location
Jade in the studio boudoir style shoot
Sarah studio boudoir shoot
Amber wedding location shoot
Alana studio shoot

Updates on Adrian Day Photography

When life and business gets out of hand and you have so much to do there is very little time to get online to update everyone what we have been doing and what special offers we are currently running!

A little update while I have a few minutes.

Firstly we are running some new deals starting October 1st that will be up and running just for 14 days but I’m sure that people will love the deals and definitely will be something not to miss !

Another deal will be the “early booking deal” Book now for next month (November) and will give you double the digital images so that you can have more images to keep or use for Christmas gifts

More info coming soon or you can email us to ask for latest deals


And to finish we have been shooting a lot of private client work lately, so we can’t post them up on our social pages or even our website

but we have some images from the last months editing room!

Dropping more shots, Jack Howe up and coming model

Been getting to grips with editing some of the images from my photo shoot with up and coming model Jack Howe.

Honestly guys n girls if you’re looking for a great male model this guy is fun to work with.

Jack Takes his modelling serious and will pose until you get the money shot ! I can’t wait to work with him again in a weeks time!

Look out for even more images coming up over the next few weeks but here are just a few to keep you all going!

Please let me know what you think! It’s much appreciated

One of my favourite shoots last year! Day 1 2019!

So we are a day into 2019 yes one whole day nearly gone!

But it’s looking good been in the editing room getting some of the shots sorted for this post!

Sorted some new lighting tests and loving the new statistic lights not only for video but for photography too!

So what do you think of these guys have to say I’m over the moon with this shoot! Loved working with Amber R she always pulls out all the stops and creates something beautiful and spectacular!

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Amber on a number of shoots over the last few years but these shots just blow me away!

Take a look at a few below!

I’m so happy with these images now like with most photographers we all have that one person we look up to our so called inspiration! Well I have to say this shoot was inspired by someone I look up to In a big way!

A guy called Jason Lanier his a Sony artisan and a Rotolight master of light! I’ve been following his work for about 5 years and this man is a legend!

Well I was looking at a few of his shots and wanted to get something that would stand out to his amazing standard ! And to me the shipwreck shots are getting there! We all need inspiration someone to look up to but never to copy create your own work !!

To see more images from this shoot go check out my Instagram page

Also feel free to comment like and follow my work it’s always great to hear from people !

More posts to come this week so keep and eye on this page !