Essex serpent set two new images, drama with Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes. It’s all in the set design

10 things new photographers may not know 1/10

Looking or asking about camera setting!

We have all done it! It’s a learning curve!

Now you may not think this is a stupid thing to do! In theory it’s not! But what new photographers don’t realise unlike photographers who have been shooting for say five years is,

Unless you’re shooting at the same photoshoot, at the same time with the same lens and camera mixed with the same lighting

Reading or asking for camera settings are pretty much worthless!

I’ve watched many of hours from amazing photographers showing their amazing images, showing the settings that come with the finished image.

Now this can also be a bonus if your looking at the bokeh or amount of grain in the shot but that’s evident from looking at any image!

Once again so much about photography is about the moment and working with what we have! Be that the location or the model as much as the gear used!

Most new photographers done understand that what works for Sony users differ from that of canon or Nikon for instance !

Also it could be that one user is using a full frame camera and ones using a crop sensor !

All the above would result in less light or a difference in quality, and so many other variations from they think they will get from looking at the setting other photographers have posted with their images

In conclusion, the best things to take away from seeing others work and setting is to see the benefits of what you can get if you mix those setting with the right lighting,

And then look at each of the following !

  • Look at the eyes to see what lights modifiers and reflectors have been used.
  • Look at the shadows to see where the light is coming from up down left right so on.
  • Look at the background is is in focus or out of focus this will tell you why they have used the settings if there is bokeh or depth of field then the setting would be 1.4 – 2.8 … if it’s in focus this could mean that the lens has been set to f6.3 up.
  • Has any light been used at all or is it just natural lighting
  • Then if you try shooting you can pick parts and set your camera to help replicate what your taking . Set camera for back ground darkness and depth of field .. bring in subject and then add light to light the subject!

Business is first and foremost about making others happy

We get into business to pay the bills and to create something for our future!

This is true to a stage! What we don’t think about is that what we do ultimately makes others happy!

It’s something I’ve just found out. The bigger picture is that for 99% of businesses is that it’s ultimately making our customers or consumers happy.

Think about it like this, a baker makes cakes and you buy them to make your belly happy and that makes you feel good as the consumer but the baker is happy too because he is doing what he loves

Builder build a house with out thinking that what they’re doing is potentially making a house that will become a home for a family to grow and live happy ever after!

It’s the same being a photographer, though we capture images and we love what we do.. we are doing it to make others happy capturing your big day or taking that portrait of your grandmother who you love and want to always remember. It’s about making you happy!

It’s great that we can do what we love, while making a living yet at the same time making someone else happy!

I love that feeling of making others around me happy so remember everyone’s out to make you happy! Even when you don’t know it and take it for granted

I truly hope that what I do makes those who see it very happy and that it puts a smile on someone’s face! Here are a few images that I really hope makes you smile.

Model vineta – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Vineta – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Vineta – Photographer Adrian Day

My go to portrait set up .. 85mm Sony 1.8 lens on a Sony a7 body.

I used to be a Nikon guy ! Until I first put my hand on a Sony camera in a local camera shop!

It’s amazing that as photographers be that as a hobby or a business. Gear is a big debate! What brand do you use? what body? and so on ! It’s the war between Nikon, canon or sony amongst a few others that seem to be the go to brands .

Now when I say I was a Nikon shooter I loved my camera it was the be all ! And nothing was going to change that! Well nothing soon changed to a maybe because the look of the Sony camera really captured my eye, I see images and others shooting with it and then I was in a local camera shop and was talking about Sony bodies that’s when it happened I got my hands on the first Sony Alpha 7.

That was that I was hooked! It wasn’t long before I had to buy it ! Though the Sony bodies or lenses are not cheap I soon found that the quality matched the price! We all have that idea of what we would pay for a product and this certainly was a little more than I was anticipating but after buying a few lenses I could see that the build quality and the image quality balanced the price and quality scales.

One lens that I got was an 85mm 1.8 now this lens Uk price was just under £600 the build quality is fantastic and I couldn’t wait to try it ! I’ve used other 85mm lenses on other bodies like the canon and Nikon and not been taken by the images.

This time I was keeping everything crossed I got a model and a location sorted out and Waited for the delivery!

Upon opening the box I was pretty happy with the lens it had a good weight behind it. Smooth focus ring. As always I can’t wait long to use new gear and was soon out with a beautiful model and location. The lens focuses pretty fast and mixed with the 24mp full frame body the images look great on the back of the camera!

I know sometimes looking at the back of a camera don’t always show the best of an image! So couldn’t wait to see what the images looked like on the laptop. Flicking through the images and zooming in to the eyes this set up was perfect the image had a crisp edge to the shots 80% looked in focus and the fall off of the images at 1.8 was stunning ! For the shots I took at this first shoot with this lens I shot a lot at f6.3 I’m sure you will agree these images below definitely look great!

I’ve used this on over 30 shoots since I got this lens and body and I’m never disappointed! It’s a great bit of kit and I would honestly recommend anyone thinking about changing to Sony to go to a shop and try this combination out! I’m pretty sure that you will soon agree with me that they are a great combination!

Before I finish if you shoot sony what lens is your go to ? I would love to hear!

Until next time remember – one life,one shot, capture it!

Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day
Model Amber – Photographer Adrian Day

Five tips for photographers during a pandemic

During this lockdown we have all had a hard time, be that as it may, many of us have had some free time, more than we would like and less money coming in.

I thought it a good idea to help out with ‘five tips’ I’ve been using the last few months to make a little extra income while not being able to shoot like I normally would! and to take up some of that free time I suddenly now have.

Tip 1 look at your back stock and edit to use for promotional material on social media. This keeps people seeing your work and keeps your pages active even though your restricted from shooting.

Tip 2 contact magazines to see if there is interest in your work! Send in submission using your back stock or new edits from tip 1

Tip 3 if you shoot landscapes, automotive or nature sign up to stock sites and upload them, this can create a great source of income.

Tip 4 maybe it’s time for you to put your money where your mouth is ! This part is speculate to accumulate, pick some of your best works and get some prints done. To frame and sell! This is a way you can make some extra money while not being able to actually shoot !
There are also some great sites that you can upload images to sell but remember they take commission

Tip 5 we all have that extra gear laying around that we no longer use. Maybe it’s time that you traded in! Maybe for cash to help with day to day earning or even to trade up on the lens or product you’re after!
Having a little time on your hands gives you plenty of opportunities to go through everything you no longer use.

Below is a list of a couple of helpful places you can go to online

Shutter stock image stock website

12 best magazines that take image submissions

Sell your unused gear with wex

I am not affiliated with any of the above links it’s just a couple of companies I have used and been happy with the service. There are many others out there!

A few new Black and white images from shoots Adrian Day Photography

Love these images… it’s amazing what a desaturated image can look like. and really change the whole look of an image.

You may think you have the image you want in colour but until you have at least tried to see what a monochrome version of your looks like don’t take it for granted it can show all the imperfections or even make that image pop !

Model: Hazel
Photographer: Adrian Day
Model: Jade
Photographer: Adrian Day
Model: Amber
Photographer: Adrian Day

Is Instagram dead? – has it lost the plot and put its self in quarantine!

I’ve been using Instagram for years… pretty much from day one…

It’s was great watching all the people posting amazing images and showing of what they was doing in a way that no other site had been doing.

Images got likes and each person had its real following in its own style, niche..

Everyone had a voice, everyone could be just who they wanted to be. okay there was a few restrictions and Instagram kept an eye on the naughty side.

As the years have gone on it’s become restrictive in ways that we don’t realise. We only don’t realise this because Instagram has taken it up-on it’s self to use it’s algorithm to put pay to getting seen in any way shape or form unless instagram feels you deserve it. or that you tick ever box it want you to.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking into where and what’s best to get yourself and images seen and noticed. Paid or free.

It’s looking like social media is now making it more like antisocial media! It’s killing its self off by doing all it can to so called be the best! Why if a site calls its self social would you stop people for doing exactly that.

I’ve tried everything to get a following used a number of different pages even posted images that have on other sites got tens of thousands of views and like yet on social media got just under 100 views and maybe 30 likes.

This to me isn’t worth my investment at all. I’ve paid for and done free posts and got nothing in return.

To me it’s seems that a number of people are coming away from the platforms and putting the money into their own websites and posting the work right to the bourses mouth! And getting so much more ! For way less.

A few weeks back I posted to Pinterest! From my website now my website is a free WordPress and my Pinterest is free.

In one seven day period I had over 60k of views and a large number of saves and like. And my views and comments to my website went from 10 to 100 per day!

It’s honestly a no brainier when you’re getting something for free and the numbers are showing for them self what’s happening . It’s only time before everyone goes it alone and walks away from so called social media !

This is just my opinion but try it your self and if you don’t see a difference let me know.

I’m sure in a day of media being a sales point that we need to find our best format or medium to get ourselves out there! It’s only smart business that we look out for ourself and our really followers and clients

Question is do you think it’s dead? What have you found that works for you? I’m always open to suggestions !

Black and white photography covid lockdown edits with jack

Here are a few images from the back stock of a shoot with Male model Jack

Do like shooting males and editing the images in black and white it gives a depth to the images unseen by colour images!

If you like what you see please show these images a little love!

Model: Jack
Photographer: Adrian Day
Model: Jack
Photographer: Adrian
Model: Jack
Photographer: Adrian

Back stock edits lock down for photographers the Alana shoot

A few images from the shoot with Alana, we got some fun and friendly images with this client

It was such a great shoot to do! And definitely one I had to edit and show while I had the chance!

If you like what you see please feel free to show some love!

Model: Alana
Photographer: Adrian Day
Model: Alana
Photographer: Adrian Day
Model: Alana
Photographer: Adrian Day