10 things new photographers may not know 2/10


This ones simple getting out to shoot will reward you more than you think!

You will get to know your camera get to know the basic settings and what you like in the way of photography

See there are many things you can do just walking about the streets or in the garden with you camera just to get used to it! And the modes your camera has..

  • Macro photography
  • Landscapes
  • Portraits
  • Cars
  • Still life
  • Fashion
  • Simple street photography
  • Wildlife

These are all things you could be playing about trying it don’t matter that your not using the camera in manual mode it’s about learning the basics of the camera and seeing what you like ! the rest will come we all have to start somewhere!

The good thing is in the world of digital photography there isn’t and problem in filling up a memory card with images to see how they look and then deleting the ones you don’t like! So much better than the days of film camera when you had to take the images send them away and hope that you got the shot you think you did!

Here are a few basic images

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