What would you like to learn about photography?

Been a while since I’ve posted a full blog post!

Now you all know I’m first and foremost a photographer .. a portrait and boudoir photographer predominately.. but over the last year I’ve been taking time out to gain skills in landscape and nature photography..

Also having won a number of competition with my landscape work I feel I’m doing pretty well! Like having my work shown at the fujifilm print life stand at the Birmingham photography show.

Fujifilm print life stand !

Now I know I’ve been doing short posts and running this is because I’ve been doing so many things I’ve not had time to do deep messages and long posts!

Well I’ve just started to add to that! Even more!

With a new section to my website and my Adrian Day YouTube channel this is going to be where I post tips, tricks and reviews of photography products and ideas to help all you guys and girls become better photographers and to enjoy the craft and the creative side of the industry.

But before I start posting videos and blog posts about this I would love to hear from others as to what you would like to see! .. I know what I look for but that’s me ! I don’t just want to post what I want to know .. I want to post at the needs of others !

See this could be anything for creative tips like using a prism or coloured lighting. Or it could be what I suggest to be the best lens for portraits or landscapes

It could be that you want to know about editing and how I edit my images using Adobe Lightroom or photoshop.. and what you want to learn specifically like colour toning or black and white conversion

Maybe you only have your phone to take pictures and that’s a perfectly great option as they say “the best camera is the one you have with you!” and want to know the best apps I use to edit the questions are endless!

But please feel free to comment below with your questions and I will write them all down and create future posts to answer your questions !

Also coming soon to help users of lightroom I’m going to start putting together downloadable products Things like brushes for photoshop and presets and Lut’s for both Lightroom and photoshop

These will be priced at silly prices ! So anyone can obtain them on the smallest of budgets to help them grow and learn faster! I currently have over 50 presets from colour to black and white! Ready to go! Just sorting out the website over the next few weeks to make them downloadable for you all!

There is so much more to come ! So if you have read this far please hit the follow button so that you can be notified when I post.. and as I say please leave a comment below if you find this page helpful and have a question you want answering!

Once again thank you everyone for your support and sticking with me over covid months ! It’s much appreciated!


Maldon Essex is playing host to Carter’s vintage steam fair starting this Saturday! It’s such a sight to see! With rides dating back to 1896

New posts coming tonight 12pm gmt

Hey all happy new year !

wow it’s been a tough start to January! Business has been a little bit! how can I say? all over the place!

But it’s time to get back to the regular schedule and start posting on a regular basis! Showing what we are doing! How you can do it! And honestly connect with all of our amazing followers

So tonight 12 pm GMT there will be a new post coming ! This will be a second part to one of 10 things new photographers may not know section!

So please keep your eyes out for the next post! And if you’re reading this post, give it a thumbs up and hit the follow button so that you don’t miss it

Also head over to our Instagram! We have some amazing new images coming as we have just started a #365 project where I’m going to be posting a minimum of one new edit every day for the year! We are currently on day twelve, of this year and already posted fourteen images !

This is just a few of the images coming in the next 30 days !

Etsy store is live ! Buy some of the landscape work I’ve created

Well I think we did it, finally the Etsy store is coming together! Just in time for christmas !!!

More work is being added and there are a few of my favourite images live and ready to buy via digital download !

If you see something on there that you like and want in a frame or on a beautiful Ali dibond print send me a message for a price … you never know our prices could surprise you!

We are so happy to see that our Etsy is up and running and that people seem to like what we are selling!

Click the link below to go take a look!

Below are a few products that are coming soon! Should be well worth following along to see what’s coming next

Fighting fit during lockdown! Keeping business going as usual

Let me start by saying I know why we are doing this (to save lives) and to help each other to keep going in the future! We need to look after each other!

Lockdown definitely is taking the life out of business

Everyone in the uk and across the would are finding it very hard to keep going

It’s a fight we live every day but so much more when in a lockdown situation. Government officials say that photographers are a non essential business! But documenting life and the situation we are all in I feel we are essential

There isn’t any reason that we can’t keep going we can shoot from a distance more than that of a school teacher or a shop worker!

We are creating works and we can do that on location out in the streets and out in the middle of nowhere and we can still keep everything safe yet still keep our family provided for! And also still put money into the big government fun pot!

It’s seems that yet again it’s going to be a few works of keeping the website up and working on the jobs that are needed in the background! Things like web design, learning new editing techniques, learning how to create BTS videos with the new products we have just had delivered!

You may not know it but being a photographer it’s not just about doing taking pictures ! There is a long list of things that need doing, to keep business going !

  1. Admin
  2. Editing
  3. Learning the latest technologies
  4. Advertising
  5. Keeping up with social media
  6. Replying to everyone and keeping visible to potential clients
  7. Meeting with clients
  8. Sending out products and prints
  9. Creating photo books
  10. Sending out images for publications
  11. And that’s just to start!

One of the latest posts up on Instagram, this one is a fun shot we did for model Stephanie

Check out Stephanie and jack on my page along with many others

This ones an edit of jacks shoot! We love working with new models and helping the get their first take of what it takes to be a model