wow first blog as Adrian Day Photography!


Looking forward to this adventure! I’ve been a photographer for a number of years pretty much since leaving school, I studied Photography, Art and other creative subjects in secondary school and in doing so fell in love with everything creative.

When I left school I got side tracked as we all do finding jobs in other fields from wood working to electrical even got into I.T still in part creative but not in a way that was “fulfilling” to my creative desires.

just over fours and a half years ago I started Falcon Photographic and have been a full time professional photographer loving every second creating my dream working with amazing people giving them their dream images.
I’ve been very luck to be published in 40+ countries in magazines and also in news papers but all under the name Falcon photographic,
The last few weeks I’ve been taking stock of my life’s work and thinking do people know that I’m the photographer behind falcon photographic or am I just the ‘UNKNOWN PHOTOGRAPHER’

So today is the first step in becoming the known photographer, time to stand up stand out and let the world see what I create as me Adrian Day.

I would love for you to follow my journey and my page so click the follow button and i will return the follow!
I will be posting a lot of my work from boudoir shoot, portraits, and my event work on here so if you like images this is the place to be.
not only will I be posting my images but I will be growing my youtube channel and showing how to create the looks that you see in my shots with posts of lighting setups and what not to do and how to get the best from what you have to work with.

well that’s it for this intro but keep looking out for more posts coming soon.
I will be posting Mondays and Fridays and if something really stands out in the week then I will pop up in your news feeds well if you’re follow me that is 🙂 .



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