Lightroom Presets !!! 3 black and white presets for just £1

I’ve been creating a number of presets over the last 5 years that I’ve been using lightroom,

so in my presets folder I have best part of 400 different sorts from black and white to colour, to high key and low key some duo tones and many more.

Ive never really thought that others may actually benefit from what I’ve been creating until today!

So after the eureka moment I thought why not let others buy what has been working for me with my clients but do it for a low price so that even the smallest of budgets could afford them!

So in the next couple of days keep those eyes open ! For the links to my sales page.. the three black and white ones will be the start of many more that will become available on our website! So please give this blog a follow to see notifications of when the hit our store front!

Also head over to our social media pages and click follow there! I post there daily and I’m always very active with my following ! Always replying to those who take the time to comment ! Or send DM’s

This is one of the presets that’s in the black and white preset pack!

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