Adobe colour grade on jacks portrait includes my opinion haha

The difference that the new colour grade tool is making on images is outstanding

It’s possible that Adobe have created something will set it apart from other leading editing suits

I’ve used a number of editing tools over the years and I’ve kind of got bored with the same old ideas that everything needs to be photoshopped!

It’s such a misconception! I’ve been doing that get it right in camera and just do the basic of edit in lightroom

Now I’m a Sony shooter and to make life simple I use the send to phone Sony standard app that sends it in Raw and can be finished while out on location!

This works for so many reasons if you’re with a client and you want them to see the way the finished work is but don’t want to take a laptop /charger / leads and everything else including the kitchen sink ! Lightroom cc mobile it’s perfect and the great part is that as soon as you edit in the app it’s loading to the laptop in the studio!

Talk about the perfect mix ! Lightroom and Sony should join forces and do a deal that puts sony and Adobe users together at a great price!

Below are a couple of edits of jack

Saved out after colour grading and then returned to edit to black and white but to still have the graded mono look!
Colour graded image this to me has something a little different ! Have to say I really like the portrait of jack!

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