Tom Hiddleston fans have shocked me! Such kindness! And support! for latest Essex serpent posts on Twitter and website!

The last 24 hours has been amazing! Having been on set of the Essex serpent an adaptation of the novel by sarah perry .. this six part drama is staring Tom Hiddleston known for his role in avengers amongst many other great roles!

I managed to get on to the set at the local site and capture some behind the scenes shots ! (Will post a few below) they may take time loading but they’re at the end of the post!

Now I’m normally known for my portraits and boudoir images but this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss! Being on a film set of a drama and it’s amazing how the team worked to transform my town into a Victorian set!

Well I posted a few days ago a few sets of images on this blog ( Main blog post ) and posted to Twitter and facebook as normal! Just hash tagging the actors and the writer. And wow .. what a response.. Twitter went mad! Happy mad ! And the blog has gone crazy with views.. comments and share I’m not used to so many it’s fantastic..

Now to some this would be the normal! I’m a small photographer in a big pond ! My website gets around 1000 views a month, with that comes a number of enquiries for jobs and people sharing!

Twitter has a very small following and low interaction as it’s not something I use often.. so I’m not used to using it! It’s just there..

It’s been shocking but as soon as I posted to the blog and Twitter it want crazy.. with amazing fans of Tom Hiddleston.. they have been amazing so supportive of the actor and what his been doing. But not only have they supported him they have supported me and my small business!

They have loved seeing my images, shared so much love and kindness .. that they have totally made my week .. as I said above I get around 1000 views to my website a month! Well they did that in one day! and then some.. in the last 48 hours I’ve had 2500 views and had over a 1000 visitors..

Toms fans are totally amazing ! Kind hearted and I couldn’t wish for more from them!

They have given me some light in a dark time! They will never know what this small act of kindness means ! Well they will a little .. in the last year I’ve been suffering with anxiety and depression.. I went down so low that I didn’t want to be in the land of the living!

I tried to end things and my partner managed to save me! I’ve been focusing on photography and growing my business and that’s really helped.. to keep my mind off things and given me purpose..

Having all these amazing fans following my posts and showing the love and support for my images has made me feel good .. made me see there is light at the end of the tunnel.. and shown me that this world has some amazing people in it.. who love care and support you when they don’t even know..

To everyone who has taken the time to share like quote comment I think you with all my heart!

What you have done for me is amazing.. you’re kindness and support hasn’t gone unnoticed and Tom is so lucky to have you all in his life! He may not know you personally.. but he must feel the love you all give off! As I know there are thousands of you. I’ve been touched by just a few and feel the angel’s you all are!

Tom Hiddleston you’re amazing and I wish you and your followers all the best may you all stay safe

Thanks again everyone !

3 thoughts on “Tom Hiddleston fans have shocked me! Such kindness! And support! for latest Essex serpent posts on Twitter and website!

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  2. Valeria Fuentes Rioja

    oww!! no te preocupes cariño las cosas se ponen feas a ratos pero va a estar mejor .. mil gracias a ti por este maravilloso contenido y si en parte es el efecto de todo el amor y aprecio que le tenemos muchos de nosotros a Tom.. lo escribiría en ingles pero me has emocionado mucho.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope that this translates correctly..

      gracias, tus amables palabras significan mucho.
      Los tiempos oscuros me han puesto a prueba, pero con todo el amor que me han mostrado tantos las últimas 48 horas, ¡me ha demostrado que hay algo de luz ahí fuera! ¡Es increíble el poder que tiene una publicación para alguien como Tom! ¡y las personas de este mundo se unen para compartir el amor!

      gracias y por favor mantente a salvo!


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