Count down has begun 2019 the rebirth of Adrian day Photography

Its been nearly a year with minimum posts !

This is due to a very turbulent time, so many ups and downs! So much happening and not enough time to even make time for my projects!

Work took over ! Life just run away!

But I’ve still managed to have a great year! Managed to work with some fantastic people! Made some good friends! And new connections!

I guess if I’m honest I’ve put life plans and work first! But god how I’ve missed Photography the thing that makes me relaxed that’s given me endless hours of joy

It’s time to get back to where I feel I’m at home! And this all starts in January of 2019.

There is going to be a lot of changes going to be blogging much more often

Got a number of projects planned.

A weekly blog called “back to camera basics” where I will be posting about camera setting what functions do what when in manual mode and much more!

Will be post weekly Lighting tutorials. with how to do set lighting styles, what to look for, what lighting is best for situations. And how to get the best from natural light, strobe, static lighting or the reflectors you have,

I will also be posting images and behind the scenes from photo shoots that I’ve done showing what and how I got the shot!

And there will be lots more to come ! Videos, editing tutorials, lighting diagrams, photoshop tips and tricks, product reviews and customers, client, feedback on what we have done for them ..

so if this is something that’s worth your time and you want to see these post please follow us share what we do as this make it worth it to us, and I would love for this blog to help as many people to become better photographers and spark that interest for new photographers and creatives !

So until 1st of January I wish you a very creative and happy 2019!

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